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cristián aróstegui g.

Born and raised in Chile, Cristian Arostegui (born 1982 in Santiago) is a furniture and product designer/maker based in Victoria, BC. In 2014, Cristian founded Arostegui Studio, which focuses on designing, prototyping and manufacturing furniture and products. Currently, Cristian balances his time between Dodeka as the lead designer and Arostegui Studio. 

His Chilean background in architecture and advertising complimented by the furniture program at Humber College (2012) in Toronto, helped to refine Cristian’s ability to conceptualize and handcraft his designs.  The blend of South American influences and creative/technical training materialize in to personal and versatile designs. Cristian’s goal is to create original and simple designs with a focus on social and environmental sustainability.

Cristian strives to keep all manufacturing local. By keeping manufacturing and sourcing local, his goal is to facilitate collaboration among the local business community, creating a sustainable and capable industry on the island.


Cristian was the winner of the IDS Vancouver 2015 prototype exhibit with his bench design, The Sofi bench, a modular seat inspired on the body profile of his dog. He was a nominee for the German Design Award 2016, and also, a finalist for the Western Living Designer of the Year under the furniture designer category on 2015-2016 and 2017.

A- 47 coffee table


The A-47 is a modern design inspired by automobile lines and irregular shapes. This friction fit design has no welds or hardware, only highly accurate tongue and groove joinery.

This furniture piece can be easily disassembled, flat packed and put away. Ideal for small spaces.

The A-47 came up in response to the tendency of people living in small footprint properties! People are currently living in smaller spaces due to the very high cost of properties; therefore, a small footprint table that can be easily put away is an ideal option.

The 3”/8”th. aluminum is laser cut and then powder-coated with sandtex finish, a matte, textured and highly durable finish, making the table ideal for either interior or exterior.

The A-47 consist of 4 pieces interlocking together firmly, creating a very firm and strong table. The 3 black pieces (base) connect together and then the top is set to lock the other pieces.


Solero coffee table

Solero coffee table has a modern design based on solar and geometrical patterns. Straight lines are used in various directions and angles, creating an engaging and original view from the top.  The quarter circle represents the sun and serves as the focal point of the table’s structure, whereas the sun’s rays supply the body of the piece.

The base is powder-coated steel with a beautiful oil rub bronze, which adds an appealing texture to the piece. The 1/2" Starfire tempered glass showcases the composition and pattern of the piece. 


Sofi bench

Winner Of The Prototype Exhibit at The IDS West 2015 / Nominated for The German Design Award 2016

The Sofi bench is the derivative of one of our first designs, the Marea Bench, an organic design inspired by the movement of the ocean. Retaining elements of the original vision, and taking advantage of Ductal, UHPC (ultra high performance concrete), the design evolved into a conceptualization of an animal’s anatomy, specifically, my dog Sofi.  The subtle curves and thin profile of the bench give a delicate feeling and look to this strong seat.

Sofi has a multifunctional, versatile design that is suited to a varity of environments- It can be used inside or outside. This modern and elegant design will add style and sophistication to any space, from one piece in a living room to a pairing combination in an office lobby, museum, art gallery or park. The dimensions of the bench are based on the Fibonacci proportions


ttris shelves

The Ttris shelves are inspired by the 1908’s video game Tetris. In hunting for a unique and different solution for wall shelves and decorative display system, the concept and appearance of the computer game provided me with inspiration: geometrical shapes, random sequences and manipulated objects.

The main object was to design a simple but yet stimulating modular shelves that will provide users the freedom to arrange and customize inspiring wall spaces. Shelves that can be rotated in any direction welcome and incite users’ creativity to create their own set ups.

The goal of this product is to create a simple but fun design that can be easily manufactured locally in Victoria, BC and sold for at affordable retail price. Doesn’t matter how big the space, you can buy different shelves packages or combination of packages to use. In order to make the user’s decision easier, I have created packages to choose from.

4 packages of 3 shelves and 2 packages of 4 shelves (each package has specific form and colours). 5 different shapes and 5 different colours compose the shelves group.

Dodeka     District of Metchosin     Victoria, BC